en-us-Interview with Manuel Fabián Vilches, Photographer


"You must cultivate the talent with hard work"

Interviewer:Vassiliki V. Pappa

Manuel Fabián Vilches was born in Chile and grew up in a plot surrounded by nature and horses. His childhood was marked by nature and imposing mountains, the starry sky and games family. The first camera came to his life when he was 14 years and was an instant Kodak. His first photograph was one of his brothers and kitten. Then continue studying in a humanist school, and at the end was uncertain whether to study architecture, archeology or film. Finally studied audiovisual communication and photography at the Catholic university in Chile, working in a production of commercials and then worked for 11 years in two large Swiss companies, Sinar cameras and Broncolor. His job was to test equipment and teaching use, also was responsible for conducting advertising photographs for companies and magazines. He worked as a teacher at the university in Chile (Duoc UC)and now he is working as professor at the University for the Arts, Sciences and Communication (UNIACC).

Vassiliki V.Pappa: Manuel, you have an important route to the photography (you have studied audiovisual communication and photography). What you consider as your greatest achievement?

Μanuel Fabian Vilches: Good photography gave me cute experiences and I met remarkable people and indescribable places. But my greatest achievement is to find my way of seeing things, my style, my world view and transmit.

Vassiliki V.Pappa: Since you were a young child did you feel that someday you would come to a point to do something different than the average?

Manuel Fabian Vilches: When I was child I had no interest in photography. I enjoyed looking at the landscape, all that seemed interesting, and probably the images were always very important for me. An advertising of vessels of beer and the realization of the same struck me so Ι felt that photography would be my job.

Vassiliki V.Pappa:I Would like you to tell me about the art of photography representing worthily in your country, Chile and beyond. How did you decide to follow this profession?

Manuel Fabian Vilches: In Chile there are very good photographers and artists in general. I believe that the level of the professionals of the country and the region (includes Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) is very high. Firstly I studied communication audio visual and then i fell in love with the photography.

Vassiliki V.Pappa: Which of your cooperation is considered to be your most valuable luggage for the future?

Manuel Fabian Vilches: Well Well, no doubt footprints I can leave my students and especially my images remain as a testimony of my life and my concerns.

Vassiliki V.Pappa: Is Photography art a shelter for you or a means to approach reality?

Manuel Fabian Vilches: We live the reality and enjoy treatment and time. The photography is an escape, a refuge, creation of new worlds, worlds in which I am very comfortable.

Vassiliki V. Pappa.: Do you believe that someone is born ready for what is going to meet or mainly builds it pebble-pebble?

Manuel Fabian Vilches: Everyone has a mission but some people are born with fortune. You must cultivate the talent with much hard work.

Vassiliki V.Pappa: Which artwork has touched you the most? From a book to a movie, a sculpture, a painting?

Manuel Fabian Vilches: No doubt a painting, the paintings were the first manifestations of the old man and even today remain!

Vassiliki V. Pappa: In closing, I would like you to tell me what is the biggest of your childhood dreams?

Manuel Fabian Vilches: Good question, and if i have one, is to be an astronaut but with camera.