Interview with the painter Alberto Beretta Pece


Interviewer: Vasiliki Pappas

Alberto Beretta Pece, was born in Gavirate (Va). Thanks to his mother, Magda Berettawho was an exponential artist of the scene of the twentieth century, takes the brushes in hand already at an early age. To follow the artistic impulses, he goes to live for various periods, from the age of 30, in France, in Paris, then in Germany, in Munich. The art for Beretta Pece is an aesthetic moment aimed at expressing highly transcendental values. The trees fill his canvases: trunks, branches, leaves become the artist's specific philosophical creative hub. They are dancing trees that love, rejoice, suffer, embrace. Trees have human spirit, trees feel, perceive and color becomes the proponent of this intimate thought Multiple cromatisms overwhelm the stems, giving a feeling of movement to the whole composition The branches are absorbed by energetic and frantic nuances made possible by the chiaroscuro colors , which represent the symbolic veins where life is flowing. And a human nature, made of soul, full of human atmospheres that create and bind us to the works of Alberto Beretta Pece, in the sign of a spiritual unity. Art critic Mattea Micello

Exposition in Paris, Munich and Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Roma, Milano Firenze, Taranto, Venezia, Bergamo and next year in Mosca, Vilnius, Tirana, New York and London.

Vasiliki Pappas: Alberto, which are the memories that you carry from your childhood?

Alberto Beretta Pece: My memories are strictly bound to rural civilization and to the natural expressiveness of trees and human body shapes. That is actually showed by the choice of my paintings' subjects.

Vasiliki Pappas: How did you decide to keep busy with painting? Which deep need of yours led you to this decision?

Alberto Beretta Pece: I noticed in contemporary civilization a lack of interpretation about elements that lead to naturist humanism in order to bring back to humanism.

Vasiliki Pappas: How did your parents react to your choice? When you started, did you have any big plans?

Alberto Beretta Pece: My parents are artists themselves through past generations. I had and still have the plan to put me at the service of cultural union, in order to bring people together against dangerous misunderstandings between nations.

Vasiliki Pappas: We consider an artist successful accordingly to the sales that he will have. So is this reality or is just art condemned to be addressed to few people?

Alberto Beretta Pece: Art and money are incompatible in my opinion. Art is like a passionate human feeling without which living is useless. So, if you sell is a good thing because you can use that money to put into practice the PLAN, in other way (if you don't sell paintings) that is not a failure but a human success

Vasiliki Pappas: I would like you to tell me three works of arts of either Italian or other foreign painters that you would like to have made..

Alberto Beretta Pece: I don't have envy or jealousy feelings toward other artists. Each one of them speaks through his works and tell his personal vision.

Vasiliki Pappas: Have you ever thought how your life would be when all these things that you have today such as glory, success, acceptance and love by the public die down one day? Does such a possibility frighten you?

Alberto Beretta Pece: Absolutely not, I don't live for success and I believe that, if your message comes from the heart,it will always be accepted.

Vasiliki Pappas: In our days, a lot of people try to claim a part of fame. Social media contribute a lot towards thisdirection. Do you believe that fame and glory is the main food, beyond others, of the contemporary artists?

Alberto Beretta Pece: I think that today many artists claim fame but for me it's only the result of a good job made by the heart.

Vasiliki Pappas: What is your opinion for all these things that people globally experience these last years? At first a lot of opinions were expressed regarding the causes of the creation of the global crisis and all claim that this whole hardship may end positively. What do you believe for the public issues and how do you react to whatever is happening around us?

Alberto Beretta Pece: The positive side of global crisisis the orientation of many people towards love, art and friendship.

Vasiliki Pappas: I would like to tell me, where do you derive your strength from at your difficult moments?

Alberto Beretta Pece: I draw my strength from the lesson that life taught me trough hard and negative experiences.

Vasiliki Pappas: Alberto, concluding what do you dream about your future?

Alberto Beretta Pece: I dream a world in which people will understand how much culture and art may set them free.

Translation: Aliki Naka