My Thessaloniki, a poem by Vassiliki V. Pappa


Thessaloniki, my home

with your special light

with your White Tower

and your byzantine churches

with your warm people

and the narrow streets.

Thessaloniki my city

That you fascinate everybody

City of unconcern

And of those in love

City of the romantics

and of the idealists

cradle of civilization

metropolis of the world

Thessaloniki, my home

Generator of my children..

Beauty you emerge

Like another Aphrodite

May you stay alive

don' t lose your pulse

and may all quickly perceive

their debt towards you..

May you stay alive

don' t lose your pulse

and your special identity

city of Thessaloniceans

Your absence is great

Day by day..

Great is the patience, too

Till I will be

again in your bossom...

Hgoumenitsa 6.11.2015

From the Poetry Athology "Greece - Light", Edition by Vassiliki V. Pappa (Translation by Aliki Naka), Photography Vasiliki Pappas, Thessaloniki 2019.