Ένθεος, ένα ποίημα της Βασιλικής Β. Παππά

Τρέχουν οι άνθρωποι να σωθούν (More)

Ανίατος μονόλογος σαν προπολεμική φυματίωση (More)

Νοσταλγός των περασμένων

Δραπετεύεις συχνά σε «άλλους κόσμους" (More)

"Heureux leux qui ont le cœur pur

Car ils rerront Dieu" Matthieu 5:8 (More)

An era of denial

An era of affirmation (More)

You remain a child

Even in your maturity

You are waiting and visualizing (More)

Don't be afraid of temptations (More)

"Μακάριοι οι καθαροί τη καρδία

ότι αυτοί τον Θεόν όψονται" Ματθ. 5:8


Ira, la benedetta un poema di Vassiliki V. Pappa

Intarsio variopinto la nostra esistenza (More)

Il Margine, un poema di Vassiliki V. Pappa

Cos'è il margine? (More)

Velo di mistero si diffonde intorno a lei

Condivisione di segreti e di sogni con tanti.. (More)

The river of people is frothing

 From the heat and the exhaust gases  (More)

Even though we are by nature and by position disobedient..

Time for abstention and contemplation..


A war rages, a poem by Vassiliki V. Pappa

A war rages in Syria

paranoiac and barbarous people's work

Leading a nation to despair.


lack of energy..

emotional exhaustion..

spiritual fatigue..


Do the fairy tales' dragons fly, grandpa?

Time to keep accounts.. time of memory.

Granpandpa'sfairy tales, come and come again

faded..but very often.  (More)

Endless fairytale

Confusion in thought..

Confusion in ideas

Spiritual confusion..  (More)


Εδώ και καιρό τις νύχτες

βλέπεις ξανά και ξανά το ίδιο όνειρο..

ότι όλοι θέλουν να σε σταυρώσουν..


Lord, I cried..., a poem by Vassiliki V. Pappa

Lord, I cried...

The people are roaring

Like a lion tearing apart its prey (More)


You're thirsty for justice

Thirsty for social justice  (More)

A new beginning

A new beginning

Pure oxygen

Potential for a new start

Urgent need for revival


Impassable, a poem by Vassiliki V. Pappa


Impassable path for the majority of people

Not for you

Oh you, who make the spirit be soaring


State of siege.

The "known unknown" people plunder
plunder undisturbed

and the Police is only a viewer

taking advantage of the social anger

for the in cold blood

murder of the young boy.


Moments of Pleasure, a poem by Vassiliki V. Pappa 

Moments of Pleasure

At sunset


My God!   (More)

The completion, a poem by Vassiliki V. Pappa

Each day that goes by, a taste of death  (More)

Behind the mask of propriety

Hides your lack of freedom  (More)

Sobbing, a poem by Vassiliki V. Pappa

My soul, you´re aching

From the beatings

An almost continuous sobbing


Des illusions, un poème de Vassiliki V. Pappa

Consacré à la mémoire de ma mère 

Consacré à la mémoire de ma mère

Des illusions

Tu étais naguère jeune, très jeunePleine de rêves et d'illusionsQue la vie est là Et qu'ellet'attend   (More)